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PS4 camera on PC? Discussion in Console Gaming Acc. started by Advil, Nov 15, 2013.Out of curiosity why would you want to use the PS4 camera? Youd have to hack away at the cable and deal with other issues. Top reviews about PS4, different PS4 games, PS4 camera games and top gaming trends for PS4 lovers!It will be up to your discretion which tools to use and which one to avoid. Its a good game to bring out the doctor in you and play with the patients. Maybe its a camera limitation on PS4, to give a smaller view to render, so as not to cause framerate issues.I know on the PC you can use CTRL plus Up/Down arrow keys to change the center point of the camera, in relation to the height of the character. As most of PS4 players, weve had difficulties to put our PS Camera most of the time, am I right?For example, Im 1.65m (5.3ft) tall and my PS Camera used to have problems if I would put it on 5ft (1.5m) or even at the top of my TV, which is So what does the PlayStation Camera do? The PlayStation Camera, if youre not familiar with, is a completely optional preferred for PlayStation 4. It is a cameraSo if you have something like Gang Essential or yet something like Fitness Game thats come out, it will be able to use this camera for. I recently purchased a ps4 camera, got a screaming deal on it. Everything Ive looked up is just about playroom. Not sure if I should keep it or not. I have a kinect on my xbone that I hardly use (voice commands and stuff, not games). What do you use yours for? Does anybody know how compatible will the PS eye be compared to this new camera? I have oddly thanks to my mother who bought all these devices for xmas the eyetoy pseye and move lol but I only use the ps eye as a web cam. MORE: Sony PS4 Review.A cube superimposed over your face will illustrate the correct movement.

As you move, the camera will capture footage of your face that it will use to build a profile. According to Amazon reviews (literally the only source I could find for this), no, you cannot use a PS4 camera for the PS3. The capabilities of the two devices are very different, and it sounds like the plugs are different and incompatible with PS3. The new PlayStation Camera for use with PS4 and PS VR. Whats the difference between this and the original one? Lets find out!This is the new PS4 camera for 2016!!! Subscribe to learn how to set up and utilise this fantastic camera for your gameplay videos. The PS4 camera promises to be even more versatile in its modes of operation, from depth sensing, to image tracking, and 3D video. The camera auxiliary port on the PS4 is actually a USB 3.0 only port, and by modifying the cable of the camera it is possible to connect it to a computer using USB 3.0. trying to find uses for this camera can i record video and edit etc or is it just for streaming?Report Message. Terms of Use Violations: Offensive. Advertising.

This is the new camera for the PS4. I hope you guys actually enjoyed the video and if you guys are looking for a specific review, let me know in the comment section.can u use this camera for regular chatroom chat. We all know that PS4 camera is a high-resolution one which helps you see the other part of the gaming world quite clear and with less difficulty. Owing to this quality of the camera, gamers did believe that the camera could be put to use for video chats too. Is it the real purpose of the camera which sold like Android), that I can use my phones camera to connect to the PlayStation 4 (since I dont have a camera just for my PS4). The PS4 app on my phone alludes to a number on the PS4 screen, but last night when I tried this I got the best one that I could aside from the HDD upgrade. I have the 15 inch 2.6 GHZ Intel Core i7 with 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 and. NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB running mavericks. Is there a way to use the HDMI port on it to play games? . MacBook Pro. The adaptater is only used if you want to use the camera with a PS4 right?So it must be possible to cut the PS4Aux socket and solder wires to an USB connector. I dont have the PS4 and I can buy a PS4Eye Camera and hack it ) Can you confirme me that it can works? Ubisoft FAQ How to use the PlayStation Camera or PS Move with Just Dance 2015 on the PlayStation 4. I am confused since I have never owned the move or the ps4 camera. I know there is a So can I use my normal ps4 controller in place of a ps move controller? Youre going to want a PlayStation Camera for the PS4.Jesus Christ people! Of course the damn camera is always broadcasting what you say.

It has a built in mic for people that would rather use it than earphones. PS4 camera could still provide the motion control and positional detection of the DS4. PS3 even accepted ordinary webcams.Ive not used it even once to stream video, but I use it every day for voice chat, which was an unexpected bonus. Related: B est PS4 Deals. Does the PS4 controller work with PS3? The DualShock 4 is a Bluetooth controller, you can use it as a secondary (or tertiary or quaternary) controller for your PS3.What can the PS4 Camera do? You can only do voice commentary, not camera video. If you want to do that, then you need to stream to Twitch then download your archived videos.But if its under 15, you can do it all in your PS4 - stream with video, save 15 minutes of the stream using Share, edit in SHAREfactory, upload to Developer Bigboss (aka psxdev) has released PS4EyECam driver, as you might expect from the title this driver allows you to use your PS4 EyE Camera on both the PC and MAC platforms. The data from your PS4 camera are encrypted. So you will need to decrypt it. Use the PS4 eye software to do that.Connect your PS4 camera to your PC and follow the instructions. As you can see, the images are still not very good but its acceptable. You can use your TV remote to scroll through the PS4 main menu and for apps like YouTube and Hulu.If youve got a PlayStation Camera, youll be able to sign into your PSN account for your console just by facing the cam while turning on your PS4. It uses two boxes known as lighthouses that emit (invisible to us) light throughout a room. There are no cameras, but there are sensors in the headset and controllers that pickDo you already have a PS4 camera sitting around? Did you go in for the launch bundle to ensure you have everything you need? Learn what the PS4 camera can do from expert gamer Rob Pimental in this Howcast video.So if you have something like Gang Essential or yet something like Fitness Game thats come out, it will be able to use this camera for. When I bought my PS4 last year I didnt think twice and got the PS4 camera with it.Unfortunately, unless Im wrong, there arent that many innovative games making use of the PS4 camera yet (Edit: check our list of PS4 Camera Games), one year later. For me i can use my ps4 controller without the use of external software. I run windows 10 though, perhaps tortino doesnt? Nope, he is using DS4.And the things Ive read about using the Steam DS4 support for DS1 has been stuff like camera spinning uncontrollably or incorrect button prompts. Yes, you can use the ordinary PS4 camera for the VR.I use the old camera, so I have crafted some peripherals myself. For instance, my camera is mounted on a long arm which I can adjust for different games. so I thought I would ask has anyone here used the PS 4 camera with head / eye tracking? Obvious use for Ed of course.Also PlayStation VR is a proven product all ready to go that adds to the camera/audio feedback options. The AR will use the PS4s camera, the PlayStation 4 Eye, in combination with the new DualShock controller, which will combine with facial recognition to let the PS4 identify each player based not only on their controller, but their face. What kind of lens does the PS4 camera use? Dual lenses, F value, F2.0 fixed focus. How long is the PS4 camera cable?Yes, the PlayStation Camera has a built-in microphone. Can I use the PS4 camera for voice commands? What can I do with the PS4 camera? | IGN Boards. NowGamer reports that there is no way to turn off the in-game chat czn using the PS4 camera, ps4 camera what can it do that it will always be listening in on a gamer. The great quality of the PlayStation Cameras four microphones and dual cameras make this an excellent choice for those who want to use it to interact with their audience while streaming games or for voiceFacial Recognition. Now that the PlayStation Camera is all set up, what can I do with it? PS4 Camera Games List. The PlayStation camera features facial recognition and video broadcasting. So owners can log in hands-free using facial rec. Video broadcasting allows for live-streaming your gameplay to viewers around the world. The author just contacted me using Unity Forums and suggested I try his demo. I did and it works. Do other input managers work? Probably. I however am happy with what Ive seen so far from Rewired and I know it worked in my case so thats why Im suggesting it. PlayStation 4. PS4.Does it work with PS2 Eye Toy games? I only bought it cos 19.98 seamed like a bargain for Eye Of Judgment with the camera but now I dont know what use it actualy is. Is the camera really necessarily to get the full use of your new game console? Heres what you should know before buying the PS4 camera.The PlayStation 4 Camera is great, but its not necessary yet. I really like PS4s camera. It makes logging into the PS4 a breeze. My primary use of the PlayStation Camera is for live streaming activities which is what Im starting to get into now via twitch tv and Live from PlayStation.There just really arent any games that utilize the camera and I can understand why. However, PS3 titles that use the PS Move controller will not be supported on PS4. What is PlayStation Camera capable of? PlayStation Camera is a newly developed camera for PS4 that incorporates two highly sensitive cameras that can recognize the depth of space. By adding the PS camera, you can add a corner face cam to streams, without having to run the stream through another source, such as a capture card. Video Creation. Using the Playroom app, you can record videos up to fifteen minutes long, using the camera. The PS Camera has several functions. The simplest is a traditional camera for filming you in your living room or recording audio.I want to get all the cool stuff for my PS4 that I can, but I feel that the camera would be too limited in use. The PS4 Camera is an integral part of this game, since you have to complete challenges like "Match the Pose" or "Rabbids Dance." The camera also lets the Rabbids "invade" your living room, where you can use the "Photo Booth" function to take selfies with them. The new PS4 Camera looks to be a slightly improved adaption of the previous model, combining an official stand into its design and getting rid of the blocky shape.It weighs lighter and is also smaller in shape than the original PS4 camera, but boasts all the same features. New PS4 camera vs old PS4 So what about PS4? They had a camera this generation, though it was mostly useless without the Move which didnt have anywhere near enough support. Yes, the PS4 has a new camera, and no, you dont have to use it. How is it with voice recognition? How is the camera resolution? Been looking to get one for the past couple3. Works, but not used much by me 4. I use my DSLR for pictures so hard to say. I can test once I get home. My brothers are always hogging the TV so I was wondering if I can use phone as a monitor with an adapter or something, without rooting. If I can I could just buy a clip to hold my phone on a ps4 controller and play like that! If you want to add your face to the streams that you are doing, you need the Playstation Camera. Ill lick all fanboys ass! - arsios.Report Message. Terms of Use Violations: Offensive. Advertising. Either way works well, but my video cameras dont do HD, so I have not invested in a better method.If your monitor doesnt have speakers youll need to send the audio elsewhere. I actually use a 30" HDTV for my computer and PS4.

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