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Part Number: HPIT250 OSR. Compare price on all Osram Other Light Sources (307).10895 E40 250W/n/si Powerstar HQI-T metal steam bulb. OSRAM POWERSTAR HQI-T 250W/N/SI E40 available to order online. Low prices and fast delivery.Description. Osram ltd. H25NSI Hqi-t 250W/n/si E40. AU 3.00 (approx. RM 9.40) International Economy : untracked (11 to 35 business days) | See details. Item location: hk, Hong Kong.Read moreabout the condition. Brand: OSRAM. Wattage: 250w. Type: HID Bulb. Model: Hqi-t 250W/n/si. Download or read online OSRAM 4050300376431 HQI-T NSI POWERSTAR 400W N pdf datasheet.Base Type: E40. Colour: Clear.Hqi-e nsi powerstar 250W n. Please select: Wattage. Base Type: E40.Model Number: OSRAM 250W Halogen Lamp.

Osram Osram Philips Philips Philips Sylvania Venture. HQI-E 400W/N/SI HQI -T 400/N/SI HPI plus 400W HPI-T 400W HPI-T plus 400W HSI-HX 400W/4K HIE 400/x/x/EURO/x. September 18, 2012, 20:45:09 HQI-T 400 W/N/SI E40. 2012, OSRAM AG. All rights reserved.Temperatures Maximum permitted outer bulb temperature Maximum permitted base edge temperature. 400 C 250 C. Lifespan. OSRAM 250W metal halide lamp,POWERSTAR HQI-TS 250W/WDL WarmWhite,250W/NDL Neutral White, 250W/D Daylight Deluxe Fc2 Pro bulb.metal halide lamp e40.LAMP Osram hqi-t 400W/n/si 11605 LAMP osram hqi-t 250W/n/si 11624 frame with glass JET1000 asy sil 12035 smart - glass 4MM 12036 smart - curved glass 1205130668 MACH5 cr asy silver body - semi intensive reflector E40 st (sap-t) 600W I. Osram HQI T 250W/D E40. 5 ratings. Metal Halide Lamp. Single ended. Base E40.Further Osram items. HTI 150 Lamp Osram. HQI BT 400W/D E40 Osram. EMH 250 W/SE/80 Osram. Hit osram: hqi-t/nsi. Hst osram: nav-t. MACH 1 Circular. Philips: hpi-t plus.For metal halide lamp 71113 1x250P HIT / E40. 400w Hqi TOSRAM HQI-T 400W/N/SI E40 | POWERSTAR - Tienda IluminacinARCADIA SLIMLINE S4 rampe HQI 150w, 250w ou 400w tubes Sylvania. Hsi-thx 250W E40 hsi-hx 250W/CI E40.Osram. Hqi e 250W/n/si hqi t 250W/n/si.See Osram declaration See Venture Lighting. Reduced material load within the luminaire The UV filter on the lamp complies with the requirements of IEC 61167. August 11, 2012, 10:23:19 HQI-T 250 W/N/SI E40. 2012, OSRAM AG. All rights reserved. Jan 6th, 2018 OSRAM POWERSTAR HQI-T 400W/N/SI E40 Available To Order Online.Source:www.olx.pl Civa Buharl Ampuller - Ozcanelektrik.com Feb 2th, 2018 Cva Buharli Ampul125w Balastli E27 Ampul Cva E27 125w Balastli 23.60tl: Cva Buharli Ampul 250w Balastli E40 Cva Hqi-t 250 w/n/si.Output of up to 400 W. High efficiency. Long lifetime. E40 screw base for simple lamp handling. UV values significantly below the maximum permitted thresholds to IEC 61167 thanks to UV filter. OSRAM DULUX D LED. Edition 1906. LED alternatives for phased-out halogen lamps.E40 screw base for simple lamp handling. UV values significantly below the maximum permitted thresholds to IEC 61167 thanks to UV filter.Hqi-t 250 w/n/si. Osram HQI T 400/D.E40. www.elko-pn.si. 27. Table of C-HI and HM lamps. Metal-halide lamps with ceramic discharge tube (C-HI) 70 to 250 W. Lamp Power W. Product features. POWERSTAR quartz technology UV filter technology Light colors: neutral white (N), daylight (D). April 25, 2013, 14:21:53 HQI-T 2000 W/N 230V E40. 2013, OSRAM GmbH. All rights reserved. The Osram Powerstar HQI-T 250W/N/SI E40 Clear have a E40-type holder that will allow them to adapt perfectly in your fixtures. With a lifetime of 9000 hours on average, they allow a 30 energy savings compared to normal lamps. Hqi-t 250 w/n/si. POWERSTAR HQI-T | Metal halide lamps with quartz technology for enclosed luminaires.E40 Con alimentatore HQILampada si accende con una tensione di 0,9 1,3 kVs, leFebruary 10, 2018, 15:53:27 HQI-T 250 W/N/SI. 2018, OSRAM GmbH. All rights reserved. Osram POWERSTAR HQI-T 250W/N/SI. 0 reviews | Write a review. Product Code: 00208 Availability: In Stock.Produkta priekrocbas Augsta efektivitte Cokolis E40 - rtai spuldzes maiai Jauda ldz 400W Ilgs kalpoanas laiks Pateicoties UV filtriem UV starojuma intensitte ir ievrojami Description. Osram 250 Watt HQI-T (NSI) tubular metal halide lamp with a GES cap.Free Delivery. On orders over 40. Total exc. VAT UK mainland only. Osram 250W HQI-T NSI Tubular Metal Halide Lamp. Опубликовано: 13 июл. 2013 г. Osram HQI-E 250W/N/SI Neutral White.Dying fluorescent tubes T8 36W / zdychajce wietlwki T8 36W w oprawie BMKs 2x40 - Продолжительность: 2:26 WhiteSoldier86 35 267 просмотров. Osram powerstar hqi-t 250W/D. The Osram POWERSTAR HQI-T is a highly efficient Metal halide lamp which provides good to excellent color rendering. Thanks to the UV Filter the UV values are significantly below the maximum permitted thresholds to IEC 61167. Outdoor and Indoor Illumination, everywhere you need good association between illuminating efficacy with high quality discharge lamps HQI or NAV and waterproof protection.NAV-E / HQI-E 250W. E40. HQI Bulb Osram HQI-E. Power 100 W Price updated on 07 February 2018.1 x NEW Osram Powerstar 250W E40 HQI-E W/D PRO High Pressure Sodium Tube Bulb. This page shows Length 225 mm , Colour Temperature 5200K , Fitting Type Enclosed , Brand Osram , Lamp Shape Tubular , Lamp Base GES/E40You have chosen to save the following item to a parts list: 250 W HQI-T Clear Metal Halide Lamp, GES/ E40 Tubular Enclosed Fitting, 20000 lm, 12000h. E40 250W/400W N/SI Powerstar HQI-T halogen metal steam bulb - OSRAM. Halogen metal steam bulbs POWERSTAR HQI with quartz technology. POWERSTAR HQI-T with average output and screw socket E40. LAMP Osram hqi-t 250W/n/si.Pole clamps - FA78 pole support for 3 floodl.MACH2-3 si polished reflect. BACK TO RESULTS EUROPAGES - B2B search > PRODUCTS and EQUIPMENT > E40 250 W/n/si Powerstar HQI-T metal steam bulb.Advantages - Up to 400 W output - Long lifespan - Screw socket E40 for simple bulb handling Advantages of the OSRAM UV filter technology - Decreased material HSL-BW Bright White Standard HSB-BW Bright White Blended SLP. Osram HCI-T HCI-TS HCI-TC HQI-E HQI-TS HQI-T HQI-E/N HQI-T/N HQI-E/N/SI HQI-T/N/SI HQI-T/D HQI-T/N/SN HQI-TS/D/S NAV Super0020776 HSI-SX 250W/CL/P BriteLux 265W 100V 2.9A. E40 Clear/Protected 4500K. 2 LUMINARIAS LED Pag.5 Philips Osram. 3 LUMINARIAS FLUORESCENTES issuu.com. Image of Osram HQI Lamp powestar HQI-T 250/N/SI 250 W E40. Osram Osram Philips Philips Philips Sylvania Venture. HQI-E 400W/N/SI HQI -T 400/N/SI HPI plus 400W HPI-T 400W HPI-T plus 400W HSI-HX 400W/4K HIE 400/x/x/EURO/x. The item Osram HQI T400W/N E40 is not part of our current product range anymore. Recommended Alternatives. Osram EMH 250W/SE/80.Osram HQI T 250W/D E40. Metal Halide Bulb Philips MASTER HPI-T Plus 250W645 E40 1SL.In everyday life, Osram lamp has long been a convenient and indispensable source of artificial light, they used in homes, offices, industrial buildings, shops, on the streets, in cars, etc. Output of up to 400 W High efficiency Different light colors Long life time High color saturation (up to 66 ) in blue, green and magenta E40 screw base for simple lamp handling.July 19, 2012, 09:31:20 POWERSTAR HQI-T 250 W/N/SI E40.

2012, OSRAM AG. All rights reserved. > OSRAM>Bulbs and lamps>HQI-T 250 W/N/SI 4050300444604 OSRAM HQI POWERSTAR HQI-T for luminaires closed HQI-T 250W/N/SI E40.Base (standard designation). E40. Osram Powerstar HQI-T 250 WD E40 250 W High pressure Sodium grow bulb x 9 (NINE).Osram Powerstar HQI-T 250 W/D PRO E40 Giant Edison Screw 250 W Classic Bulb x4. , Metal Halide Lamp Philips hpi-t plus 250W Vs General Electric Arcstream Arc250/ T/H/960/E40 Philips HPI-BUS-P vs Osram HQI-E N/SI firing up. Osram. Philips. Sylvania.Shp-t 250W E40. Me hqi-e 250W/D. hsi-sx 250W/co.470. Ai sensi delle Decisioni e delle Direttive Europee applicabili, si informa che il responsabile dellimmissione del prodotto sul mercato Comunitario : According to the applicable Decisions and Osram Powerstar HQI-T 250W/N/SI E40. Comparison. Factory Datasheet of the Product.Az r tartalmazza a 63Ft/db hulladkkezelsi djat! 270 W. listaNominal Wattage. E40. termszetes fehr. 4600 K. Osram Powerstar HQI-T NSI 250W/230V, E40 8000h. PRODUCTS. Write a review. Hqi-t 400 w/n/si. Product benefits. Output of up to 400 W. High efficiency. Long lifetime. E40 screw base for simple lamp handling.Maximum permitted base edge temperature. 250 C. Osram Powerstar HQI T 250W N SI E40 CL.Any Lamp Osram Osram Gas Discharge Lamps. Osram Powerstar HQI T 1000W D E 40. Product description: EAN/ Product: Quantity: HQI-T 400W/N/SI E40 FS1 4050300376431 Folding carton box (FS) contains 1 Piece (PCE). You can find this product in the eCatalog: http://catalog.myosram.com?languageENcountryCOMitp4050300376431. Metal Halide E27 / E40. POWERSTAR HQI-E coated. Hqi-e 250 w/n/si co.Method of implementation: replace the product with a new one, free from defects. Site: d (in case of doubt, the goods sent to Osram objective expertise). Luminous flux behaviour HQI-T 250/D 100 80 60 40 20.OSRAM high-pressure lamps meet the safety require-ments defined in IEC 62035. All HQI lamps with outer bulb are of UV reduced design and comply with necessary limits (ACGIH < 2 mW/1000 Im). Osram Powerstar HQI-T 250W N/SI E40 CL.SanDisk 64GB Extreme U3 UHS I SDXC SDSDXN 064G G46 Card DX electronic Consumer Electronics Up To 60MB/s Read 40MB/s Write Error Correction for Enhanced Reliability Now at new U3 speeds exceeding high-definition video

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