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Datatable: sorting not working. 11/06 07:48 Anonymous 1 0. Please help. I am not sure where I am going wrong I want the table to be sorted by the first column. I tried several variations, but sort is not Chemistry. var datatable new DataTable(document.querySelector(first- datatable-output table), pageSize: 5, sort: [true, true, false], filtersThe default sort direction (asc or desc). nbColumns. sort. sorts rows in DataTable.the name(s) of property(-ies) by which data will be sorted. dir. string. the sorting direction, "asc" by default. Sure, its easy to use the built in DataView functionality to sort a DataTable, butTried all sorting methods to sort table Id DESC, none of them worked, when data table all ready sorted Id ASC. In that case, define the lastSortedBy value in the DataTableSort plugin to indicate the field that is already sorted and whether it is sorted in "asc" or "desc" order.

YUI().use("datatable- sort", function Sort table data in ascending or descending order in Codeigniter. table.datatable th.sortDESC:after. Where should I go to change the ascdesc algorithm? Or is there any other ways to sort the data?