window.parent.opener.document.forms 0 .submit()





"text" name"lname"> .You can pass values from parent window to popup window through appending in the url,or you can1. Access on popup by using request.getparameter() 2. can also find value using window.opener.document.forms[0] It has to be window.opener.document. That immediately releases read info.Did you try with parent instead window.opener ?? If something else come accross, I let you know.the popup will return the cropped pic to the opener window (form). Concatinate the values into one string and set these values to parent forms hiddenTextbox control created in step 1 and call the onClick event of HTML button control created in step 2. Close the current window and return false to end call. The code at below isnt submit the form on the parent page: if (isset(POST[submit])) echo ". . Which is what I thought it should be and what Ive found by searching aroundIve played around with what youve suggested and named the parent window before submitting the popup form. Tags: submit window 0 document forms. Latest Search Queries: irs tax form w. shell action report. digi annual report. May 28, 2010 - I want to submit my parent page when I click on submit button of the child languageJavaScript> window.opener.document.forms(0).submit[0].txtName.value document.getElementById("txtEmployee").value window.opener.document.forms[0].submitIn the above code, i have just populated the value typed in txtEmployee to parent page for easy understanding. In real world application, it can be window.opener.document.forms[0].notid.valuedocument.forms[i].notid.value window.opener.document.forms[0].submitI tried your radio button example above and I will confess to being less than proficient in javascript. Can you tell me - does the parent window pass a The embedded window has a separate document and window objects.Allows to submit forms from iframe. allow-scripts.window.opener a reference to the opener window from a popup. For iframes, we can access parent/children windows using It puts out the alert in submitForm(name) but when it gets to document. forms[0].submit() it says objec.Window.opener: changing form information in parent through child. hai,friends if we want to postback from the childwindow to parent window try this code. parent windowfunction DoPostBack() window.opener.document.forms(0).submit() self.close() . The pop-up window has a reference to the parent window (window.opener) and can then invoke the call back method through that window reference.var objIDList document.forms[ 0 ].lstidThe only difference is that instead of submitting the form, we are calling a method that bundles the data window.opener document.numbersfrm.action sendfrm.php?totypenumbersof the child window form into the parent window form, then calls a function in the parent which closes the child window and submits the form in the parent. When the form is submitted, I want it to go back to the opener of the popup. I have: So you are not writing something suited to Internet use. document.forms[0].target parent.opener The - target - property of forms is a string, - parent.opener - will be a reference to an object (a window object) I put window.opener.document.forms[0].submit() into the PageIndexChanging event of the datagrid, but it does not refresh the parent window. Refreshing the parent window with the order lines helps the user see what they have already ordered. I have a popup window that must update the page with some dataTables in the parent window when i click on close button, how can i do it? I tried: window. opener.document.forms[0].submit() and the dataTable isnt updated. When opening a window with the method, you can use this property from the destination window to return details of the source (parent) window. Coding Tip: window. opener.close() will close the source (parent) window. is there a way to refresh a parent window once a child window has been launched or closed ps read the paqs, document.location,reload() (I could not make them work.Then from the child window use. window.opener.document.forms[0].submit() After the child is opened i passed some value to the parent using window. opener.document.getElementById().valueScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(Page, this.GetType(), "CCode", "