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When replacing or upgrading your MacBook Pro hard drive, remember that the new MacBooks use the SATA interfaceOpening the MacBook Pro Removing the Top Case. All MacBooks are equipped with a Super-drive. Superdrive is essentially Apples nomen-clature for a DVD recorder/burner. I am replacing my 2011 macbook pro 15" super drive with a enclosure and a 500gb Momentus XT hybrid HDD. And here is the questions. Since i am using a SSD for my original Hard disk place. Insert the hard drive that came with your laptop into the enclosure you bought, then place the enclosure into the MacBook Pros optical drive slot and replace the optical drives three screws. Forums Macs Notebooks MacBook Pro. Replacing a Macbook Pro SuperDrive with Nothing?SSDs are lighter than your standard RPM hard drive, only marginally but you do notice the difference. share. Heres how an IT pro replaced a three-year-old MacBook Pros hard drive with an SSD for less than 80 in about an hour. Macbook Pro Optical Drive Removal / Upgrade to dual SSD HDD Hard DriveMacBook Pro Superdrive Cleaning - Продолжительность: 1:59 MyanRoser 27 121 просмотр.How to Replace MacBook Pro Optical Drive - OWC Data Doubler - Продолжительность: 12:44 LogicLounge 13 970 2009 13-inch MacBook Pro. Hard drive - find out how to do it here.Thanks to the modular sled design in the Mac Pro, removing and replacing your HDDs is a breeze. Instructions: Upgrade the hard drive in the cheese-grater Mac Pro. This tutorial will explain how to replace the hard drive in your MacBook with a new one. This normally takes around 15 minutes once everything is ready.Prerequisites. A MacBook (in this case, I used a Mid-2010 13-inch MacBook Pro). A 2.

5-inch replacement drive (either a solid-state drive or a What size is the internal hard drive in my MacBook Pro 15? Can I remove the DVD drive and put a 2nd hard drive in the DVD bay?As for replacing the SuperDrive there are options: OWC Data Doubler OptiBay. Standard Ways to Eject a Macbook SuperDrive. 1. This first method is pretty straightforward.My Mac Book hard drive had failed so stuck in a loop trying to run from DVD.MacBook Pro circa 2008, optical drive front slot, last model with matte finish screen. I recently removed my superdrive from my Macbook Pro to add a secondary hard drive.You must replace one of the values by your model identifier. In my case, I simply replaced MacBookAir by MacBookPro to keep a file of the same length. I recently revived my 2012 MacBook Pro with an SSD after its hard drive died, but its CD drive is dead too, so today I got my shiny new Apple Superdrive in the mail, andChanges -Startup HD upgraded to SSD -Dead (2nd) cd drive replaced with original HD via caddy. -High Sierra GM updated to 10.

13.3. In my own Macbook Pro, I replaced the original hard drive with a Samsung 850 Pro SSD (solid state drive) resulting in drastically improved performance, as well as a left over 500 GB Hitachi laptop drive.We need a way to get this extra hard drive into that unused SuperDrive slot. MacBook Pros without Retina Display are the last machines which can be upgraded with RAM, SSDs and even a second drive instead of the SuperDrive.If you would like to replace the optical drive by a hard drive or even a second SSD, you make full use of the MacBook Pros variability. To replace the hard disk drive in your MacBook Pro: 1 Shut down your MacBook Pro.Chapter 5 Last, but Not Least 73. Using the optical drive The SuperDrive in your MacBook Pro supports standard 12 cm (4.7 inch) discs. Proster 2.5" SATA Hard Drive Caddy Tray SSD HDD Hard Disk Internal for Apple MacBook Pro Unibody 13 15 17 SuperDrive DVD Drive.Macbook Pro 13 2012 (A1278) video series: Remove bottom case (recurring for all videos) 1. Replace Battery P/N: A1322, 661-5557 2. Replace/Upgrade You can replace the hard drive, or instead remove the Macs SuperDrive optical drive, swappingAs iFixits guide notes, the process of installing a first-generation Mac Pro hard drive is as simple asYou just unscrew and remove the bottom cover of your MacBook, pull out the hard drive, replace it This MacBook had a Superdrive problem where the drive lock was up preventing disk insertion, also the drive would frequently go through eject cycle even though there was no disk in the drive.You will need to remove the hard drive so follow that procedure. Hard drive freezes on MacBook Pro.1. Run Apple Hardware Test on Mac without SuperDrive. 2. Replacing SSD in mid-2014 MacBook Pro. 0. Buying the right memory for 13" Macbook Pro Mid 2012. Optical drive adapter for hard drive how to replace the optical drive in macbook pro []Replacing The Superdrive With Regular Hard Drive On Macbook Pro. Macbook Pro A1278 Dvd Super Drive Replacement. Want to squeeze even more performance out of your MacBook Pro? As Geeks would say, get an SSD already! Adding an SSD will make your Mac bootIt makes a SuperDrive shaped bay that can fit a standard 2.5" notebook hard drive. That means you can use this kit to replace your optical drive with Macbook Pro. SATA. Hard Drives. Last response: November 15, 2016 11:40 PM in MacBooks.Hi everyone, I just bought a MBP i7 with a 250go SSD and a 1To drive replacing the superdrive. This second drive has very slow transfer rates. Replacing the Hard Drive. To perform this upgrade you will need a very tiny Philips head screwdriver and a special Torx T-6 screwdriverPlace the top half on and slide it till it clicks into place. You can now connect the included USB cables to the SuperDrive and your MacBook Pro and it should work. Apple MacBook Pro A1278 CD/DVD Super Drive 868A 678-1451 Has the connector for a Macbook A1278 (not Macbook Pro) but the drive works in other models as but you would need to replace theБесплатная доставка. New Superdrive Unibody Macbook Pro for A1278 A1342 A1286 optical drive. MacBook Hard Drive Upgrades. Related Book. MacBook For Dummies, 4th Edition.models Apple sells an external USB SuperDrive optical drive for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro800 port has now replaced the older FireWire 400 port (also called IEEE 1394) on todays MacBook Pro models. In case of Non-Retina MacBook Pro, there is Superdrive.External Hard Drive Not Recognized is a quite common situation faced by many users. People blame the Operating System, scratch own heads but problem persists. PowerBook Medic is the ultimate resource for Mac computers and electronics repair. They have helpful tutorials on most Apple products including the MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iBook, iPhone, iPod, and more, covering topics from disassemblies, to RAM upgrades, to replacement hard drives. I have an older MacBook Pro (Late 2011) which came with a built-in optical drive. I replaced the built-in SuperDrive with a second hard drive. So I confirmed both drives were working fine. Next I figured Id eliminate the SuperDrive as the issue so I created a bootable USB drive to install OSX from.Replaced Macbook LCD, Now only boots to grey apple screen. All Things Apple. Dec 18, 2013. Live Boot Drive Re-partition of Macbook Pro MacBook Pro :: USB Superdrive Wont Take DiscMacBook :: To Replace The Lcd With A Led Lcd?The hard drive on my Macbook 4,1 is way too slow for me now. Original for Apple Macbook Pro MacBook 13" 15" 17" Superdrive GWA-4080MB Super Slim 9.5mm DVD CD RW Burner Internal IDE Drive.External USB DVD Case for MacBook Pro SATA Hard Disk Drive DVD Super Multi slot has aluminum look Silver. The 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro (called the "mid-2012" model, in Apple plain old MacBook from 2009, and it makes a big difference in performance. the internal SuperDrive all together and replace it with a second hard drive or SSD. The result is I am using my friends MacBook Air Super Drive and watching DVD right now :) Hmmm. Id like to get a Superdrive I just bought to work with my 64bit Windows 7 Ultrabook (Toshiba Z830) as well.i wonder how hard was it go one level up ?? This hard drive caddy replaces the internal SuperDrive of your Unibody MacBook, MacBook Pro (13,15,17) with a.Package Content: 1x 2nd HDD Caddy for Apple Macbook Pro, 4x Hard Drive Screws. The instructions that came with the kit were excellent and walk you through, screw by screw, disassembling your MacBook and removing the SuperDrive.Now comes the hardest part of the process. The existing HD was a 650GB Toshiba 2.5 drive loaded with about 400GBs of data. How To Replace Hard Drive In Macbook Pro Unibody. Replacing the hard drive in your unibody macbook pro is quick and easy way to give yourself ton more storage this will show you how to replace the hard drive in macbook how to replace hard drive in macbook pro unibody [] Earlier this year, adventurous tinkerers had successfully replaced their 2011 MacBook Pros Hard Drives with Solid State Drives. It was then discovered that with a properly designed caddy, the SuperDrive can be removed and replaced with a second hard drive or SSD. But Apple doubled down, pulling floppy drives from all of its machines, eventually replacing them with "SuperDrives" - optical drivesWith hundreds of GB to back up, youre better off using an external hard drive.Now its down to one last Mac with an optical drive: the entry-level MacBook Pro. View answer in context. Q: Macbook Pro (Late 2011) 15" - Hard Drive Replacement Problem.The list on the left has my new hard drive connected with a new partition that I made to restore from the Base System and the OS X Install Disc is recognised in the SuperDrive. CBA Digital 60Gb 2.5 inch External Hard Drive Port HDD/SSD caddy for Apple MacBook (Pro) replaces SupWD My Book for Mac 2TB Desktop Hard Drive with Pas MacBook Air SuperDrive (MacBook Air 2010). MacBook Pro Unibody Mid 2010 Hard Drive Replacement: Replace or upgrade the hard drive on your MacBook Pro Unibody Mid.SATA Inch HDD Hard Drive Caddy Bay For MacBook Pro SuperDrive in Computers/Tablets Networking, Laptop Desktop Accessories, Laptop Cooling Pads. For this how-to, we replaced the hard drive on a 15-inch MacBook Pro (non-Retina) from 2012 with a 480GB Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD from OWC, which costs 579. That works out to about 1.

21 per GB. your MacBook/Pro? If youre like me, you might consider repurposing the optical drive slot to accommodate another hard drive, like a really fast SSD drive.I think if you dont use your optical superdrive, and you want more hard disk space then absolutely yes. So recently I swapped out the SuperDrive in my early 2011 MacBook pro for an additional HDD caddy. I then moved my 1TB HDD into the caddy and put a new SSD in the HDD slot. As I was messing around with hard drives I decided to go for a fresh install of OS X and Windows on the SSD. For this purpose, a special frame (conversion kit) is required in which the hard disk will be installed. Then the removed SuperDrive comes in an portable USB enclosureHard Drive Caddy Adapter Special Designed For Apple macbook pro (13,15,17) ( 8). Option 2: Replace hard drive with SSD. I got Movies on my external hard drive that are AVI kind and wont play on my macbook pro? When I start playing the movie a message pops up andI need to deactivate my adobe suite but do not have serial number and if I have another activation that is valid. Similar. If I Replace my SuperDrive with amakes a SuperDrive-shaped bay that fits a standard 2.5" notebook hard drive, which means you can use this kit to replace your optical drive with anotherA MacBook or MacBook Pro (any generation), Powerbook G4, or Mac Mini. This particular guide was written using a late 2009 15" Unibody Want to replace your Macbook Pros Superdrive with another SATA Hard Drive? Well show you how to do it. Its a sign of the times when you retire your CD player or your DVD player to either the spare bedroom or Freecycle. This hard drive caddy replaces the internal SuperDrive of your Unibody MacBook, MacBook Pro (13,15,17) with a It can be made part of RAID array and Bootable. Putting A Hard Drive In The SuperDrive Bay.Ive tested my MacBook Pro for a few days and have had no issues whatsoever, keeping all my media in the secondary hard drive, while OS X and all my applications reside on the SSD for an impressively quick Mac.

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