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Prototype.js Hide/show With Variable Html Elements?Show - Hide Div Based On Radio Selection - PrototypeJQuery :: Toggle Function - Hide/show Table When Hide/show Button Is Pressed I have a toggle navigation bar in responsiveness. When I click on toggle button, Main menus will come. Now, I want when I click on menu items then only submenus will show otherwise it will work on hover in full width. I want this code in Prototype JavaScript Framework. Bootstrap does not officially support third-party JavaScript libraries like Prototype or jQuery UI. Despite .noConflict and namespaced events, there may be compatibility problems that you need to fix on your own.Toggles a collapsible element to shown or hidden. hide() / show() - shows or hides the matched elements.Prototype JS may prevent headaches, but jQuery prevents even more headaches. I will highly recommend it to all JavaScript developers! Followed by a more complex show hide toggle areaand add this in your head or js file or somewhere on your page.