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UK retailers Asda, Amazon and ShopTo slash the Wii U price after Nintendo stated it wouldnt drop the price for the console.By Robert Jones 2016-03-23T14:50:00.820Z. Nintendo to make new consoles for 2015. Home Video games Nintendo announces Wii U price drop in September.The Wii U will only cost you three hundred cool ones starting September 20th, Nintendo announced yesterday. Well, dont expect a Wii U price drop anytime soon. Nintendo is not dropping Wii U price before March 2015.Since it costs so much for them to make, any price drops would end up costing them money. Nintendo recently confirmed production on the Wii U is ending as the Japanese giant moves focus to the Nintendo Switch.The best cheap laptop deals in February 2018: prices start at just 150. As a consumer, price drops would always be welcome. But I do agree that the Gamepad is the best feature of the Wii U. AtRegarding price drops, its not a matter of agree or disagree. Nintendo backed themselves into a corner, and due to manufacturing costs, its simply not an option for them. All Underground Gaming News Underground Nintendo Scene. Nintendo Wii U price-drop and 2DS announced!Click to expand Last edited by a moderator: Jul 7, 2016. In its recently-released financial documents, Nintendo updated its release schedule for the Wii U in 2015 and 2016.Stephen Alexander. Super Mario Maker, but Im gonna wait for a price drop . Price drop to 250 Q 1 2016. Expect a price drop no later than March 31st. Sega Fan for Life.

Nintendo selling Wii U for 180. Kuksenkov. Posted on November 7, 2016 by Matt(OnePunchMaz) in 3DS, News, Wii U. This weeks European Nintendo Downloads are as followsPermanent price drops. Wii U. President of Nintendo in America defends price cut ahead of fall release of competing consoles from Microsoft and Sony. 2016-10-20.

Nintendo revealed the 2DS handheld, along with a price drop for the Wii U Deluxe Set, a new The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD hardware bundle and By Jupiter Isidro , Nov 02, 2016 04:10 AM EDT. Just when I was about to do research on the Nintendo Wii U because I was planning to get one for my folks house over the holidays, sad news has bumped into me.So as of this writing, I am wondering if Id buy right away or wait for prices to drop further Press Release: Nintendo 3DS Repeats at No. 1, Wii U Responds Following Price Cut.Today we will covering the Genius Touch Pen GP-B200. The GP-B200 made its debut in COMPUTEX 2016 and was highly praised for its quality, performance A 50 cut to the Wii Us retail value would certainly help the console out when the next The Legend of Zelda game is released in 2016, but for the time being a price drop in 2015 would likely only harm Nintendos financial bottom line without it gaining any significant ground on the sales of the PS4 or Nintendo announced a 50 price drop for its Wii U console for the holiday season, in an attempt to spur sales of the struggling system. The Wii U Deluxe Bundle — originally 349 — has been marked down to 299 starting on Sept. Now with the PS4 and Xbox One preparing to launch an all out assault on the gaming market, Nintendo is trying to make its console-plus-tablet platform a little more alluring by dropping the price. Starting on September 20th, the Wii U will cost 50 less The Nintendo Wii U basic set comes with a 20 Gift Card this week at Best Buy. Quite a few Wii U games have dropped in price lately so that GC will come in handy.Mike PaddockDec 08, 2016when the price was 39.99. Classic Nintendo Wii for 40 anyone? Nintendo Wii U Price Drop. Jason Nason No comments Nintendo, Nintendo Wii U. After discontinuing the basic model set of the Wii U, Nintendo has announced that the price of the Deluxe model of the console will be reduced as of September 20th. The price drop will ultimately be set by the stores as opposed to Nintendo themselves, who have already ceased production on the Wii U. GameStop has already offered deals where you can trade in your Wii or Wii UThe Most Interesting Documentaries In The World (2017). November 30, 2016 . Nintendo announced that is dropping the price of its Wii U console by 50 in hopes of not being completely buried when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release in November.December 2016. Phone 2018 - Wii U Price Drop Us. What is Wii U? - Wii U from Nintendo - Info, Details - The Wii U console gives you new ways to play, with the GamePad controller, HD graphics, and much more.Wii U Price Drop 2016. Wii U Prices At Walmart. Nintendo announced a 50 price drop for its Wii U console for the holiday season, in an attempt to spur sales of the struggling system. The Wii U Deluxe Bundle — originally 349 — has been marked down to 299 starting on Sept. Nintendo dropping wii u support. Exclusions affix including, but not restricted to, items sold beside Marketplace vendors, Competitors aid prices, rare everyday or hourly sales, and itemsSurvey: Mario Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Wii U). Stripped of itsLawful Nintendo Wii U Examine. Wii U Price Drop? The Game Idea Guy.Nintendo Wii U Review (2016) - Продолжительность: 3:15 CTNtechnologynews 165 872 просмотра. Videos. Discover. E3 2016. Updates. Giveaways.We say smart move, but we also ask, will a 50 Wii U price drop be enough to jump start those Nintendo engines at retail? Home Forums GBAtemp News Featured Content User Submitted News. Nintendo announces Wii U price drop. Discussion in User Submitted News started by GameWinner, Aug 28, 2013. This price drop makes ASDA the cheapest place to find a Wii U console now, beating out rival ShopTo.It looks and sounds like an upgrade and Nintendos marketing has failed to make this obvious enough. The Wii U has struggled to maintain its initial launch momentum, as Nintendo made clear when it slashed its shipping estimates for the financial year from 5.5 Image via CrunchBase million to 4. But dont expect it to cut the price like it did for the 3DS. Sign in / Join. Nintendo Reports Sales Decline as Amiibo, Wii U Software Interest Drops Off. Pokemon Go generates interest in existing games and helps 3DS sales improve.Nintendo Switch Price, Hardware Specs May Not be Revealed This Year. Nintendo 2DS and Wii U Price Drop. Just a bit of gaming news that I came home to. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.By admin. 2016-03-18. free drop shipping Factory Price full body games decal skin for nintendo wii u console game skin sticker.2016 Factory Price Vinyl Decal Skin Stickers 2pcs Controller Skins For Wii. Now with the PS4 and Xbox One preparing to launch an all out assault on the gaming market, Nintendo is trying to make its console-plus-tablet platform a little more alluring by dropping the price. Starting on September 20th, the Wii U will cost 50 less Not a bad thing by any means, but the Wii-U is a niche product for G PG games that the COD/BF crowd arent really interested in. 250 is a lot of coin to play Zelda. Nintendo WILL drop their price eventually if they wanna move more consoles. Having already slashed their pricing for the two available Wii U bundles, ASDA have today provided a further cut.Yeehaw! Wild Guns Reloaded Releases On Nintendo Switch In Spring 2018. January 29, 2018.January 28, 2016. Wii U Panorama View Double-Decker Tour. JPN. eShop/Application.NintendoJOYSOUND Wii U. JPN.Blok drop X twisted fusion. Eur. eShop/Application.M S at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. JPN. eShop/Application. Nintendo has just confirmed that the Wii U will indeed be getting a price drop active September 20.This pricedrop wasnt Nintendos "choice", it was the consumers. Nintendo were forced to cut it due to consumers lacking to see the value of the product. Nintendo is lowering the price for the Wii U Deluxe console to 299.99, a 50 discount over its previous price of 349.99.In this Storystream. Nintendo reveals 2DS, a Wii U price drop and more. MW3 Wii - LIVE 1 W/PlentyOfKills Disney Infinity: First Thoughts - Introduction Black Ops 2 Wii U Gameplay 27-6 MW3 Wii Gameplay Battlefield 4 on the Wii U?DuckTales: Remastered Episode Walkthrough DuckTales Remastered: Lets Play Part ( Wii Walkthrough) 2ds 2DS Nintendo 2DS PRICE DROP: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Wii U is now 39.99!Undo. eShop Drops eshopdrops 21 Oct 2016. More. Copy link to Tweet. Its not entirely unexpected, but Nintendo has confirmed that it would be reducing the price of its flagging Wii U console in the near future.A similar drop is expected worldwide, although its not been confirmed for Europe just yet. Nintendo announces the 2DS, coming October 12th for 129.99, along with a price drop for the Wii U Deluxe model and officially announcing that Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle. Nov 12, 2016 I find it kind of hard to stomach paying as much for a Wii U as I did my PS4 shelves and discount the Wii U. However Nintendo stuff rarely drops in price, theyd want to give people any ideas of buying a WiiU instead of that. Nintendo has announced a budget version of the 3DS as well as a Wii U price drop.To add even more oomph to the announcement, Nintendo also revealed thepreviously leaked Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle. On May 20th 2016, Nintendo will drop the price of its kid-friendly portable Nintendo 2DS system to a suggested retail price of 79.

99, a remarkable savings from the previous suggested retail price of 99.99.Wii U. PC. The price drop comes about two months before the Wii U will begin facing even stiffer competition from next-generation game consoles from Sony and Microsoft.Wii U: launch news, our review, and more. Nintendo Wii U update speeds up access to Mario Kart 8. Nintendo dropping Wii U price to Update: Nintendo has confirmed that it does not have plans to bring the Wind Waker Wii U bundle to Australia, nor will Australia be getting the Wii U price drop at this time. Today Nintendo dropped a whole bunch of news. Share. Deluxe model will drop to 299.99 beginning with the launch of the Wind Waker HD bundle. By Andrew Goldfarb. Exit Theatre Mode. Nintendo has announced a 50 price drop for Wii U. Beginning on September 20, the Wii U Deluxe model will be available for 299.99. In terms of the all important price, the console will be dropping from around the 290 price tag down to between 250 and 260Read our Nintendo Wii U review for more information about the next gen console and our The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD review for more info on the game itself. Car 2017 - Wii U Price Drop 2016, Nintendo wii u games, video : target, Shop target for nintendo wii u games you will love at great low prices. free shipping on orders 35 or free same-day pick-up in store Wii u console deals : target, Shop for wii u console deals online at target The Wii U Needs a price drop (Nintendo we need to talk). Why on earth is the Wii-U still 300 in this day and age?.I just dont get it.Nintendo Wii U Review (2016). 3 years after its launch, the Wii U is definitely on the rise!

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