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JavaScript to Get Value of Selected Radio Button - dynRadio buttons come in groups which have the same name and different ids, one of them will have the checked property set to true, so loop over. To get the Selected Value from asp Radio Button List using Javascript onclick event you have to iterate through all the Radio Buttons in that set and then read the value for checked item. How to change Radio Button selection using javascript? or What are the events associated with Radiobutton?DOM Property. Description. Example. checked. Used to check or select RadioButton selection.To Get: var ss document.testb.myrb[0].type value. Used to set or get RadioButton value. Get Set RadiobuttonList value using jquery Get RadioButtonList SelectedValue in JavaScript.To display the selected radio button value. How do I use Javascript to set a radio button in Forms? JavaScript to Get Value of Selected Radio Button - dyn-. Javascript tutorials for beginners check which radio button was selected.Javascript - How to get the selected radio button value using js.