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This will allow the on-page links to work in all browsers. what happened with me is that the href does not work second time and that because I should Remove hash value first,, take look how I resolved it go to Content 1 function resetHref() location.hash I am trying to Save user input from a textarea in localstorage on the unload of a page and then read it back into a textarea when the user returns. It is working fine in a desktop browser, but doesnt seem to be working on my iPhone. Djules I have used your solution but its not working in iphone smoothly.saturday1 commented Mar 31, 2017. And KylinWu thanks, but still I do not get it as I want to work. The link is firing on release when I scroll up and down. The BlackBerry browser and Safari for iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad) automatically detect phone numbers and email addresses and convert them to links.This URI-scheme was created for contacting public libraries on the device and it is not working on Safari on iOS or webOS Browser. . I am working on a menu bar and every link works fine except one. I click on it and nothing happens.

however if I right click and select open in new tab it comes up. whats going on? anybody with the same problem in the past? any help will be It works on Chrome, Safari and the iPhone However, it would be very nice, to be able to use both ways.I could change my code to set use the id for each link like:

0. Navbar collapse link doesnt work sometimes on iPhone. 1. Links not working on Mobile Safari. I was pulling my hair with mobile slide out navigation menu working erratically. I removed :hover state from links and it fixed it.It fixed it for both Chrome and Safari on iPhone 6s Plus (iOS 9.2) and iPhone 6 Plus (9.3.1). But, the links are still all not working on iPad. Ive got some feed back from other iPad users who cant figure out why some websites are broken, and I think its related to the same problem Im having. It may be related to a new "feature" where The links work fine on android phones/tablets and on pcs/macs. However on the iphone if I click on the image link it does not load the corresponding href html page. Instead I get a pop up message asking me whether I want to open the link I cant get a simple Link link to work on phonegap for Android. I tried multiple simulators, all kinds of variations on the link.Using phonegap for iPhone worked just fine. Here are some examples Ive tried. However, when received on an iPhone - tapping an image only allows you to save the image and the hyperlink isnt working.If you could save that image on your iPhone and send to your desktop over email, you could check if the href was being removed somewhere in the process, but I dont see an The href links work on desktop but on Mobile devices they do not.Hi, It has nothing to do with the href but in the way you have stacked and laid out those items. The links dont work on desktop either if you resize the screen smaller into one column. Answers. I figured it out. I was missing the href"" in my anchor tag. It was working fine in other browsers but not chrome or safari on IOS.Bootstrap 3: Mobile nav opens on desktop, but not on iPhone?Links. How do JavaScript closures work? and works fine on chrome, FF, android but doesnt seem to work on iPad.If you want to make the above iPhone and iPad specific function only, check to see if the device is an iPad, iPhone, etc.a).on(click touchend, function() . var link (this).attr(href) The best way to do this is to wrap the number in an anchor tag with the href as tel:thenumber. A bit like a mailto email link, like thisAnyway, I tried to implement your solution. It worked well on iPhone view, but messed up in normal page view (on the desktop). A typical anchor tag with a web link utilizes a URL in the value, an email link utilizes mailto thewith and without parentheses, periods and dashes and everything appears to work on both iPhone and Droid. However, Id still limit the phone number to just the actual numbers in the href value. However, users with older phones may not see the link. < link href There are several complains around internet that browser links(especially from Google search results) are not working after upgrading iOS to 9.3. This is noticed on my iPhone today with following symptoms. Problem. console.log(Query variable s not found, variable) Solution to Actions on Google account linking on iphone.Below is the simple code foundation you can use to get a working version of an authorization endpoint for actions on google account linking I have a problem with links on my site not working just on the iPhone. They work everywhere else including the iPad. I m stuck. The page va.Tags: iphone hyperlink safari href. 1-847-555-5555. Its also possible to use any text for the link name as long as the phone number link is setup withmobile phone protocol and will work on smartphones like Droid, however, it may not work for Apple Safari on iPhone and the above code is recommended. I just kinda had the same problem with my links not working right on my friends iPhone. I deleted the href"" from mine and the buttons work perfectly fine, except I have my buttons set up a little differently than you with the JavaScript. The link doesnt dial on my iphone 6s. is Font Awesome.OK I got it to work now. Thanks for your help with it. I accidentally had an extra " in the code. Recently we have experienced an issue with Slider Revolution buttons, it was not working in iPad/ iPhone. However, it worked in all other devices like android, windows(function () (a).on(click touchend, function() var link (this).attr( href),self) return false But now freshly compiled app for iOS with the same config doesnt work with href: tel links.Ok, I ve the app, compiled it at for my iphone with my provisioning key (Id dont know may be it matters?). Describes the URL schemes used to communicate with standard iPhone applications.This scenario works when FaceTime is configured to dial phone numbers (the default configuration) and the iOS device is connected to the sameHTML link: 1-408-555-5555. The Problem href links open to the same page, sometimes with a dot or grey plus sign appearing on the page. If youre developing an html page for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and youre wondering why the href links all open back to the same page, then I think I have a simple Not sure what other things these links might work onskype automatically finds telephone numbers anyway, just as the iphone does I think specifying a link via href would really only be useful for the sms option, or if you wanted to use some other text instead of the phone number Screenshot of Web Development Blog on iPhone. Here are the steps to make a website iPhone-friendly using just CSS.

3.5). A link with a mailto: in the href works as expected—it opens the iPhone Mail application using the specified parameters. You can specify some HTML markup in the body, but Id advise against it since not all mail clients will handle it correctly. Heres how to fix the links not working problem on iOS 9.3 as caused by the app until Apple releases an update for the issue.3. Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac running iTunes using the aforementioned USB cable. 4. Reboot your iPhone (How to reboot an iPhone). 2 Solutions Collect From Internet About Actions on Google account linking on iphone.Below is the simple code foundation you can use to get a working version of an authorization endpoint for actions on google account linking I was checking on ios simulator thats why the href was not working. I have tested on actual device ( iPhone) and its working fine!The links never, ever trigger the phone call - and now Im starting to loose my hair Heres what Ive tried: (All of them work on the browser, none works on android

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