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[country]. [revenue]. [profits].The 10 Biggest Fintech Companies In America.2017 Grateful Grads Index: Top 200 Best-Loved Colleges. Full List: The Worlds Highest-Paid Actors And Actresses 2017. This list comprises the worlds largest businesses by consolidated revenue as of 2016, according to the Fortune Global 500 tally. The list is limited to 35 companies, all of which have annual revenues exceeding 120 billion US dollars. Read more about top 10 companies in India with biggest annual turn over.Healthcare products of the company include Crocin, Eno, and Iodex etc, which are the most recognized brands in the world. The revenue of Glaxo is reaching to 4500 Crores Approx. The usual oil companies and banks dominate the list of the largest 50 companies by revenue - but there are also some lesser knowns worth learning about.What are the most traded goods in the world? This map shows the 18 top good Read More. So the first thing you may want to know is how much money they make or in other terms, their annual revenue. Without any further talk, lets have a look at the top 10 biggest companies by revenue in the world. I have compiled a list of leading top 10 biggest companies in the world.Microsoft is the worlds largest software maker measured by revenues. It is also one of the worlds most valuable companies. If you are searching for top ten powerful mining companies in the world and still not found any better one, then take a long breathe and sit back.10- MAADEN: (Revenue-221 Million SAR). 9. Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan ( Revenue-US8.03 Billion). Top 10 construction companies in the world - Duration: 3:24.Top 15 Software Companies In The World - Duration: 2:50.

Pastimers - Worlds Best Worst 75,817 views. Here are the top 10 largest software companies, ranked according to their 2015-16 revenue.Top 10 Richest Self Made Women in the World by Countries. Top10For List of top 10 benefits for reader.This USA based company has its showrooms and outlets in all parts of the world. Since 1911, IBM is serving the clients with great pride and confidence and its approximate yearly revenue is USD20 billion. Apple has joined the top 10 of the Fortune 500 list of the worlds biggest companies for the first time.The Fortune 500 ranks companies according to their annual revenues. US firms dominate, with 134 entries, followed by China with 103, and Japan with 52. It was the second-largest financial company in the world in 2016 with 153 billion in revenue.Its hard to keep track of all the state-owned giants in China such as State Grid - but there are many others out there that also make the list of the top companies by revenue. According to data compiled by Newzoo, the top 10 companies alone made up 54 percent of the total global games market last year, illustrating ongoing consolidation in the industry. Tencent, the worlds largest company by game revenues, generated Do you know about top 10 largest companies in the world?10. ING group. This companies Reported revenue of 165.4 billion in 2009 and employs more than 100,000 people. ING is the largest banking/financial company in the world by revenue. Below you will find not only the top 100 companies, but also SaaS revenue of the top 50 software companies, fastest-growing cloud companies and the leading emerging-market software companies.Of the bottom 12 in the previous list, 10 are gone. HomeTop 10 Companies/Organisations/InstitutionsWorld Top 10 manufacturing companies by revenue.This company was founded on 25 July 1947. Since then this company is leading world largest companies in order to its multi-variety products and revenue generation. The top-10 Internet companies in the US by 2016 revenues are: Amazon, Alphabet (parent company of Google), Facebook, Paypal, PricelineFacebook is the worlds leading online social networking platform that helps its users stay connected with each other through a suite of web and mobile apps. There are few companies which made their grow so promising that they managed to make their place in the top 10 list of biggest companies of the world.Top 10 Most Googled Male Celebrities in The World. Check Out World Top 10 Largest Software Companies By Revenue In This Video. To Know latest Updates About Top 10 IT Companies In The World Watch This Video On Telugu Feed. Telugu Feed Is An Official Youtube Channel Which Provides You The Latest Tollywood Updates The worlds topmost retailer is also the worlds largest company by revenue, for its total revenue of about US 482.13 billion.This was the list for top 10 largest retail companies in the world by 2017 that have established themselves as the major firms in the retail industry. Year after year, businesses have been working hard to get the sales and revenue that they need to secure themselves in order to ensure that their business is in shape and is not threatened by competing conglomerates. These companies are ranked by their total revenues for the respective fiscal years. Not only does Apple rank at number one by its brand worth, it is also worlds largest tech company by revenue and total assets.So there you have it top 10 riches companies in the world. Top 10 Richest Companies of USA. by Worlds Top Most. United States of America have emerged widely in present era.Also Read: Richest Electronic Companies In The World. 5. McKesson: ( Revenue 181.2 billion). Top TEN Largest Companies In The World By Revenue. Published: 2017/09/08. Channel: Tech Void.World Top 10 List of Largest Companies by Revenue - WWW.WORLDTOP-10.COM. Published: 2016/12/16. As of 2015, the company had 41.305 billion pounds of revenue and a market capitalization of 41,630 million pounds, in the year 2015.Top 10 Countries With The Easiest Gun Laws In The World. Attempting to rank the greatest global companies by revenue, you should have a look on this list of top ten.Previous Top 10 Most Affected Places By Global Warming. Next Top 10 Newest Business Opportunities in The World. Curious to find out which are 10 largest telecom companies in the world in terms of revenue? The telecommunication industry has been aOnly two U.S. based companies made the top five while two Chinese companies found a place in the top ten largest telecom companies in the world by Fortune has listed the top 500 companies in the world by revenue, with Apple showing tremendous growth in the tech space.Top 10 companies by revenue. Company. Revenue (USbn). 1. Nestle, headquartered in Switzerland, is the largest food company in the world measured by revenues.Top 10: Lean manufacturing companies in the world. 6 challenges facing the global manufacturing sector in 2015. Apple is the largest company in the world based on its market cap of about 672 billion. Last year, Apple reported revenue of 182.7 billion and earnings of nearly 40 billion.24/7 WALL ST.: The rest of the Top 10 most profitable companies in the world. Gaining the 10th position on the list of top 10 richest companies in the world is Exxon Mobil. With an unbelievable revenue of about 205,004 million, Exxon Mobil is also worlds richest oil company. The company was founded back in 1999. Here I give the top 10 Saas companies with the highest revenue.Whether in the cloud (SaaS/PaaS), mobile, or data, we bring real-world solutions that change the way business is done around the world. This list of the ten largest casino companies in the world is ranked by their revenue, but many of these companies are not exclusively casino and gambling companies, some of them invest in other things and are always trying to innovate and predict the future of gambling. Revenue: 62,071. Founded: 1984. Employees: 108,800. While most American technology companies having their base setup in California, the privately held worlds leading hardwareIn 2013 Apple made, for the first time, the top 10 of the Fortune 500 companies, jumping 11 places to be No. 6. It is the sixth largest airline company in the world with a revenue of US24.7 billion.Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tourist Attractions Travel Facts Travel Guide Travel Insurance Travel Tips Travel Top 10 Turkey UAE UAE United Kingdom United States United States of America Vietnam World Travel. This company is amongst the top 10 richest companies in usa with the annual revenue of more than 215.6 billion.Walmart is an american multinational retail company which is the worlds largest company in the world by revenue and stand first in our list of Top 10 Richest Companies in USA. 9: Reliance Industries (India). Revenue: 42.2 billion.Must Read. Top 10 Wind Turbine Suppliers. [TOP 10]: U.S. Waste Management Companies. 2016 revenue: 10.2bn. US-based healthcare company Baxter International is a well-established medical device manufacturer, specialising in developing solutions for renal diseases, haemophilia and immune disorders.In the top three medical device companies in the world, General Electric is This statistic shows the 100 largest companies worldwide, ranked by their revenue in fiscal year 2016. Walmart topped the ranking with about 482 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Wal-Mart was also the largest company in the world based on its number of employees some 2.2 million all over the Top 10 Most Generous Philanthropic Companies in the World. MAGAZINE.Hindalco Industries Ltd is the largest aluminous rolling company in the world by revenue, with a combined turnover of 17 billion. Top 10 British Companies. There are different ways to measure the biggest companies. These are three methodsThe worlds largest by revenue is Walmart. Source The software industry experienced 4.8 growth in 2013, and Microsoft remains the worlds top software company.Global software revenue totaled 403.3 billion in 2013 — a 4.8 increase from 2012, according to a new report from research firm Gartner. The top IT companies in the world have companies like IBM, Accenture, Microsoft followed by companies like TCS, Capgemini and enterprise software giants Oracle SAP.Here is the list of top 10 IT companies in the world 2016 on the basis of Revenue and Profit. The worlds largest companies ranked by revenue. Walmart lead the way followed by State Grid China National Petroleum Sinopec Group. 1) Walmart The Richest Company in the World. Revenue: 485 Billion. Country: USA.Still, with more than hundreds of billions of dollars in revenues, it is one of the worlds richest oil companies. Now, we are done with the top 10. The worlds 500 largest companies generated 27.7 trillion in revenues and 1.5 trillion in profits in 2016. Together, this years Fortune Global 500 companies employ 67 million people worldwide and are represented by 34 countries.

Handling a business or a company isnt an easy task to do especially a company that belongs to one of the top 10 largest companies in the world today. Fortunately for them, these companies listed below are the ones generating the most revenue today. Take a look at the Top 10 best Logistics companies in the world in 2017-2018.With a revenue of US 5,196 million in 2016, the group employs more than 15,000 workers across the world. Top 10 Richest Companies In the World (By Revenue) - YouTube.Newzoo Top 25 Companies by Game Revenues | Top 10 Companies 2014 Infographic: U.S. Tech Companies Hoard Billions in Offshore Tax Havens While we recently talked about the top 10 richest men in the world in 2017, we thought we could spice up your day with some more interesting facts.According to a recent report by Wikipedia, the company is rumored to have a revenue of about 183billion.

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