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Alternative to iTunes to backup iPhone on PC. DownloadWin Version.Myra - Want to know how to add music to your iPhone from the computer? Here in this blog post are two free ways that can help y "How do I erase iTunes backup files?" Each time you sync or backup iPhone, iPad, iPod with iTunes, iTunes will generate a backup file on your computer. These backup files are important for you to recover deleted data, but on the other hand How to enable iCloud backup on your iPhone or iPad.Select This computer under Automatically Back up. Tick the box for Encrypt [device] backup to ensure that your passwords, health, and HomeKit data is backed up. In the Search bar, enter appdata. Press Return. Double-click these folders: Apple Computer > MobileSync > Backup.Heres how to find your iCloud backups on your iOS device, Mac, or PC. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch If you sync or backup multiple devices to a single computer, these backups can take up dozens or even hundreds of gigabytes. Heres how you can view and delete iPhone backups in iTunes, potentially freeing up lots of storage space. How to Transfer iPhone Files Data to Computer for Backup.When you lost or deleted data from your iPhone, or other iOS device, the previous backup files can save your data. This is the reason why we need to backup iPhone data regularly. How to backup iphone to computer using itunes is the first question for most of the people purchasing a brand new iPhone. This video will show you how to How to Backup iPhone/iPad Data on Computer Using iTunes. James Anderson July 4, 2017 Comments Total Views:20.Heres how to backup your iPhone/iPad data on your computer using iTunes How toExport, backup and transfer iOS Apps Data and Settings. Transfer files from your Mac or PC computer to FileApp on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Do you want to a relatively safe method to make a backup contacts on your iPhone? Absolutely YES, it sounds great to back up contacts on your iPhone to computer. However, how to do this with ease? Backing up your computer is important, and so is backing up your mobile devices. A single drop to your iPhone or your iPad, a spill or a moment of carelessness can destroy the device forever, but if your data is backedHow to use iCloud Backup on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Tap Settings.

After setting up the iCloud on your computers, its time to learn how to backup iPhone to iCloud on computer. Step 1 For uploading the files, all you need is to look for iCloud Drive button. Step 2 Click on it to open and now select the files you want to backup. This will save all of the content youve purchased as an iPhone backup via the App Store or iTunes Store on your computer.iTunes will ask if you want to restore from an existing backup. How to back up your iPhone to Google Drive.

How To Backup iPhone Messages To Your Computer without iTunes Safely. Unlike emails which are stored on the cloud, SMSs are saved on your phone and if anything were to happen to your phone, youll never see your precious SMSs ever again. Maybe backing up iPhone to your computer is a good solution. You must have the good habit to backup iPhone regularly.Within just a few clicks, you can get iPhone backed up on your computer. Part 3. How to Backup iPhone to computer (Best way). Part 2: How to Backup iPhone Text Messages with iTunes. As you know, iTunes can back up almost all files on your Apple devices, including backing up textStep 4: Backup text messages. Check "This Computer", then click "Back Up Now", your iTunes will back up all your data to your computer. You can check this tutorial about top best iPhone backup extractors to get several excellent iPhone/iTunes backup. And then go on this guide about how to backup your iPhone to computer with ease. The process for backing up your iPhone on iTunes for Windows is really easy and anyone can learn how to do it.Doing this enables iTunes to backup your iPhone on your computer. You can also create a backup when you sync the computer. iTunes will create full backup for almost all your iPhone content as well as contacts. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to backup iPhone contacts withStep 5: The backup process will take some time. When it is finished, your iPhone backup including these contacts data will be on your computer. There are two ways to backup your iPhone: the first is to save its data to a computer the second is to back it up to iCloud over a WiFi connection.Read on to discover how easy it is to backup your iPad to a computer. 1. Sync with iTunes. I like to have copies of both. An iCloud backup is kept in the cloud, while an iTunes backup is kept on your computer.Related: How to Encrypt Your iTunes iPhone Backup. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the PC/Mac. Open iTunes on the computer. Right-click on your device from the sidebar and click on Back up nowHeres how to delete backups to free up disk space. Back up via iCloud Apple and many others recommend this backup more because this is supposed Even though backing up your iPhone with iTunes is very simple, the procedure is not readily apparent in iTunes. Restoring your iPhone to the most recent backup is also easy.Your computer will recognize the iPhone, install the necessary drivers and start iTunes. To write a current backup to your computer: 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. 2. Open iTunes. 3. Click on your iPhone under DEVICES in the left menu.Speed Up Your iPhone Backups in iTunes. How to make an archived backup of your iPhone. Contents. > Why you should back up your iPhone and iPad. > Back up to iCloud. > Back up to a computer. > Encrypted backups. > How to back up if youve got an Apple Watch. > Back up with a third-party service. Part 3. Backup Notes on iPhone Using iTunesPart 4. How to Export Notes from iPhone to PC Selectively? (iOS 11 Supported)and click on the Back Up Now button to make a full backup of your iPhone on the computer. Download iOS Backup Restore on your computer and have a try. Here, I will show you two different ways to back up your iPhone files: Part 1: How to Backup iPhone to Computer. If your phone is loaded with pictures, songs, apps, and years worth of text messages, a basic iCloud backup isnt going to cut it. If you have a computer with some gigs to spare, all you need to do is plug in your iPhone, install iTunes on your Mac or PC It creates backups of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch right on your computer. Therefore, the amount of space allotted to your backups is fully in your control.How to Back Up iPhone or iPad Using iTunes. How to Back Up Your iPhone. Believe it or not, a backup of your iPhone is of great importance during the period you are using iPhone.Step 7. To view all the backups on your computer, select Preferences from the iTunes menu. In this tutorial, well show you how to use iMazing to backup and install apps on your iPhone or iPad without iTunes.Step 4: iMazing displays all the apps that are installed on your iPhone. Select the apps which you wish to backup to your computer. In this article, were going to discuss two major methods of how to backup iPhone on computer iCloud and iTunes.If youre looking for a single backup computer solution for your iPhone contacts, youll be presented with hundreds of apps that claim to accurately and effectively perform import This wikiHow teaches you how to back up your iPhones data, such as photos, contacts, and calendars, to iCloud or your desktop.Once you have confirmed whether or not you want to backup apps and transfer purchases, your iPhone will begin backing up to your computer. Once it has finished backing up, well show you how to search for the iPhone SMS data file. Locating The iPhone SMS Backup File. Once the backup is stored on your computer. Although Apple intends for you to set up and back up your iPhone on one primary computer, you can back up your iPhone on another computer with these tips.More Articles.

How to Backup iPod Music To Computer. If you have an iPhone (or iPad), you probably know that you cannot simply plug in your device and copy-paste your files to the computer like you do with an Android device.In this article, we will show you how to completely backup an iPhone using iTunes. If you use iTunes instead of iCloud to backup your iPhone or iPad, the backup file will be stored somewhere on your computer. Were going to see how to delete this file directly from your Mac using iTunes. For a complete tutorial on how to back up iPhone audio/video tracks, playlists, apps and more to your computerUse the free CopyTrans Shelbee to create full-featured iOS backups to PC of iPhone settings, contacts, calendars, messages, app documents, Camera Roll, etc. without the need for iTunes. On your computer: Start Acronis True Image. On the sidebar, click Devices, and then click Mobile device local backup.How to Backup: Computer, Android or iPhone The Ultimate Guide. Many users are curious about where iTunes backups are stored on computer and how to access to these backup files. Generally speaking, once you connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes to back up, it will generate a backup file automatically on your computer. The following article will show you how to sync contacts from iPhone to computer step by stepAlso, you need to enter correct passcode on iPhone if your iPhone is protected with a passcode. Step1: Install the software on computer and run it Run Backuptrans iPhone Contacts Backup In this post you will be learning how to make a Backup of your iPhone to computer.Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer and follow the steps below to save a backup of your iPhone to your local computer. You need to firstly turn off iCloud Backup on your iPhone 7, because you cannot create backups using iTunes when iCloud Backup is enabled.How to Backup Text Messages from iPhone to Computer. 2.Open iTunes on your computer. 3.Connect your iPhone to your computer using the lightning cable.You can check out our detailed tutorial on how to locate iPhone backups on your computer. If any of this is true then know that you can indeed back up and restore your iPhone without using a computer at all.How to restore a backup from your iPhone. The first backup method is handled by iTunes each time your iPhone is connected to your computer through USB.How to Start an iPhone Backup with iTunes. Initiating a backup with iTunes is often the fastest method because the tethered USB connection is quick and doesnt rely on the speed of Step 1: Change iPhone backup location with Command Prompt. You just need to simply create a symbolic (virtual) link in Windows, to a folder on your external hard drive. Connect prepared USB flash drive to Windows computer. If a mklink symlink creation error appears, see how to fix it at first. If youre wondering how to backup an iPhone without iTunes, we have six alternatives that will get the job done.Apple provides the easiest way to back up your iPhone through iTunes on your home computer. For this reason, we recommend that every iPhone user regularly make a local iTunes backup of their device on their own personal computer.Instructions on how to make a backup of your iPhone on your computer Most iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users may be familiar with iTunes and know how to use it to back up an restore iOS device, keep data synced between iOS device and computerStep 1. Scan iTunes Backup File on computer. Run iPhone data extractor software on your Mac or Windows computer.

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