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J: Oh, when I came to China for the first time I was interested in getting a Chinese name. There were many options, so I asked my Chinese friends .and after much discussion,finally, I found a name similar to my English name zhu Li An which I was told had a good meaning. Why cant your name be translated directly from English to Chinese? Translating words from one language to another is simply to be able to express the words meaning in another form. Names do not have meanings, so cant be translated. Homophones abound in Mandarin Chinese, so most English words have multiple possible transcriptions. Since there are many characters to choose from when transcribing a word, a translator can manipulate the transcription to add additional meaning. The official reference guide for Origin of Chinese Family Names (Surnames or Last Names)- . How to Use this Page The most accurate way is if you know your last name in Chinese.The same English spelling may represent more than one Chinese last name. To distinguish the differences, meaning of the last The number of Chinese family names in use has tended to shrink as Chinas population has grown, a winnowing of surnames that has occurred in many cultures over time.In Chinese, Pan Pan means hope and observation, expect and wish. When you translate it into English, it means a figure that is Female Chinese Names. [ Suggest Names for this page ] [ Go to Male Chinese Names ]. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]. AI, loving.

BAOZHAI, stockade of treasures.Egyptian England English Esperanto Estonian Ethiopian Etruscan Ewe Farsi Fijan Filipino FinnishChinese names are mainly made up of a few characters. The family name is the first characterMeanings of names are very significant to the Chinese people. They believe that a good name This name generator will generate 10 random Chinese names.The names in this generator are all in English (as phonetically as possible without using odd characters), however, this does mean some names may not have translated well in a few, rare cases. Naming ourselves: When people want to write their English names in Chinese characters, they have two options.Usually not transliterated: The English names Chinese people take are not usually a translation of the meaning of their Chinese name (though it could be such as Flying Snow ( Names in Chinese Symbols. China Eating Out Guide.Giving a Chinese Name According To the Meaning Of English Name Dear Ming, Could I choose the chinese words for the meaning of my English name rather than choosing one that sounds like my English name? 7 Chinese names in English. 8 See also. 9 Chinese names and Chinese characters by Dr. Jun Shan.

Ask Meaning of Chinese names. In chinese, there is not really a "list" of names to chose from, like the way it is in english and most european languages (e.g. John, Jack, William, Thomas, Sarah, Mary).I really enjoy to direct meaning of Chinese names. Discover Female Chinese Names other fantastic baby girl names at Top 100 Baby Names Search. You might just find that one of these great baby names has just the right blend of the exotic and pretty that youve been looking forMeaning of Name. Names with Chinese origin. Meaning of BAOZHAI.Zone means: Dutch : from zoon son, a distinguishing epithet for a son who shared the same personal name as his father.English (southwestern) : variant of Son. Chinese name information about its culture, meanings, common Chinese names for boy and girl, male and female, Chinese nickname and milk name as well as ways to get a good Chinese name for foreigners. Sylvi from Yangzhou, China Student in English and Communication. Ill first give you some examples of Chinese names I like, so you can get a glimpse of their natureAlways remember that expressing a meaning in an implicit way is the key to have a good Chinese name. Here are some tips for you. Rankings Chinese Names Pinyin, Given Name Meaning Gender No. of people with the same name.Top 10 English names to Chinese names translation services. 10 Traditions to Celebrate Chinese New Year. Translating meanings versus just borrowing sounds. Some names are titles so the meaning of the title is more important than making it sound like the English words.Learning to recognize Chinese names in written text. American and other foreign names are transliterated into Chinese characters when written in Chinese. The transliteration is based usually based on the sound of the name in the original language and not on the meaning of the name. Common names in English have a standard transliteration, so for Cinese (African) Variant of Chinese: Nigerian Name Meaning God Protects. Kannon (Japanese) Form of Kuan-yin Who Was Chinese Buddhist Deity of Mercy.Marrim (English) Chinese Tribe. 8 Chinese names in English. 9 See also. 10 References.Under the Han, the practice began of changing regnal names as means of dispensing with bad luck and attracting better. The semantic transparency of Chinese-based given names does mean that meaning must feature highly in the choice of any Chinese-based given name. This contrasts to the situation in English: how many of us know offhand that Matthew means gift of God or that Barbara means foreign woman We have taken data from China Whisper and have found the most popular names in China right now.Rank Chinese Spelling English Spelling Meaning Gender No. of people with that name. Write your name in chinese characters with pronunciation, calligraphy and meaning. English names and their corresponding Chinese names by gender and origin. Chinese names are used in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. Note that depending on the Chinese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. See also about Chinese names. Traditional Chinese baby boy names connote strength, prosperity, or characteristics you hope your baby will exhibit—like Quon ( meaning "bright, shining").Chinese: Precious. English: A name made popular by actress Bo Derek. Ethnic Chinese parents all over the world commonly pick both English and Chinese names for their babies.Here are some celebrity first names and how they are commonly translated in Chinese. We have listed the meaning, too, in case you like the sound of them. Meaning of Chinese in the English Dictionary.Language names. (Definition of Chinese from the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary Thesaurus Cambridge University Press). China represents 5000 years of history and over a billion of people! Choose from 1000s of Chinese names and unravel their ancient backgrounds and original meanings!English. Finnish. The names of China include the many contemporary and historical appellations given in various languages for the East Asian country known as Zhongguo (/) in its official language. China, the name in English for the country, was derived from Portuguese in the 16th century As neither those from China, nor the various English-speaking officials seeking to write down their names, would haveIt is when he marries that he acquires a definite name.7 This was the Chinese practice, but the imperatives of bureaucratic documentation meant that the name of no import often This means that administratively and officially, a Chinese family name will always be read the Japanese way.The Japanese names are similarly distorted in China but they are also affected by globalisation, knowledge of English, Japanese romanisation is very high. Chinese name meanings take on more importance in societies where the family and relationships to the community are more important than theWhereas the Chinese would say the name Mao Zedona, when referring to the Chairman of the Communist Party of China, an Anglo would say the English I was in Chinatown in London, and they have the street signs in English and then underneath its written in Chinese.So there is art to it, actually, Western companies in China try to find a combination that is relatively close to their original name in sound but has some pleasant and relevant meaning in Search through thousands of Chinese Names that start with.Czechian Name Meanings Danish Name Meanings Dominican Name Meanings Dutch Name Meanings Egyptian Name Meanings English Name Meanings Eritrean Name Meanings Estonian Name Meanings Ethiopian Name Get your own Chinese name based on your English name. Provides a pronounciation guide and meaning of the name and your Chinese astrological sign.The China Exchange: Get you name in Chinese "Your Name in Chinese symbols" Free Chinese Names Naming Your The name Xi-Wang means hope in China. Chinese name meanings take on more importance in societies where the family and relationships to the . 2. Baby names for girls and boys. The approximate pronunciation in English is "See". Get your Chinese name now! Weve prepared a list of popular English names and their corresponding Chinese names by gender.For example, the Chinese name " (Qin)" means "strong". You can also get your own personalized Chinese name based on your English name. Unlike English names, which are usually chosen from an established database, Chinese names can be unlimited combinations of thousands of characters. Naming in Chinese is indeed an art. A beautiful name is not the simple mingling of beautiful characters The first character in the Chinese name for Spain is , meaning "west", pronounced something like "shi".

Its true that the Chinese names of a few countries have meaningful connotations.English English (India) Deutsch Franais Espaol Italiano Русский Portugus esky . But that doesnt mean its the right one. Although the first one wouldnt normally make much sense as a name, it would be a possibility given that you were adopted. Until recently, many Chinese orphanages assigned names in a sometimes shockingly pro forma way. Chinese names can often be confusing and difficult to pronounce for Westerners. Read this guide and youll understand much more about Chinese names.Her reasons for this are the family name is similar to my English family name, the meaning of Jing (gifted and virtuous) expresses my character Search comprehensively and find the name meaning of Chinese and its name origin or of any other name in our database. Also note the spelling and the pronunciation of the name Chinese and check the initials of the name with your last name to discover how it looks and sounds.English Names. Chinese family names have been historically used by Han Chinese and Sinicized Chinese ethnic groups in mainland China, Taiwan, and among overseas Chinese communities. In ancient times two types of surnames, family names ((Chinese)) and clan names ( pinyin: sh), existed. People who know nothing about Chinese sometimes ask me how to write their names in Chinese characters.This leads to a lot of nonsense, so if you translate the meaning of some common English names written in Chinese, all you get is slightly amusing gibberish Chinese personal names are names used by those from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and the Chinese diaspora overseas. Due to Chinas historical dominance of East Asian culture, many names used in Korea and Vietnam are adaptations of Chinese names Montenegro in English means Black mountain.The name thus effectively means pretty country as well. Germany (Dgu). Country name originated similarly to the Chinese name of USA. Enter your English Name. Add to Firefox. Basics About Chinese Names. Thinking of going to China for business and having your business cards translated? You may want to consider this: What will your name sound like to potential Chinese business partners? Chinese names are meant to convey special meaning, with the given names often expressing the best of wishes on the new-born.Below is the general way to address various Chinese people. English. Here the given name means the name given by parents or grandparents, also different from the meaning of a given name. The English words Mao Zedong is Chinese name in English .

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