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David Lettermans final Top Tencrushing for anyone who grew upnwith him.Ellen surprised the audience at "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night by delivering the Top Ten list! Watch her appearance and find out the top ten things Rather than delivering it himself, David Letterman retired early from Top 10 duty. On his final episode Wednesday night, Letterman invited friends and frequent Late Show guests to do the job for him. They also happened to pay him After 33 years in late night, David Letterman aired his last episode of The Late Show last night.In fact, none appeared during the show, except during one part: the final Top Ten list. And for that, Dave pulled out all the stops. Wednesday, May 20 was all about David Lettermans retirement from late night TV after 33 years, and his final night as host of "The Late Show."There had to be a last Top 10 list, so heres "Top Ten Things Ive Always Wanted to Say To Dave," with each one read by a different celebrity: Alec Baldwin The late-night veteran will host the Late Show with David Letterman for the last time on Wednesday, May 20th.In honor of the more than 4,600 Top Ten Lists Dave has delivered over his career, we couldnt help but present our own featuring the Best of Dave. Top 10 memorable David Letterman moments.With that, he concluded, The only thing I have left to do for the last time on a television program: Thank you and good night. READ MORE: Top 10 memorable David Letterman moments. Top moments from David Letterman finale. David Lettermans final Top Ten list featured a star-studded lineup of celebrities and frequent guests for " Top Ten Things I Always Wanted To Say To Dave." Last night was David Lettermans last show after 33 years of hosting "The Late Show." Of course, that means there was one final Top 10 list, and Dave got a whole group of famous people to read it.Citations: David Lettermans Last Top Ten List (BuzzFeed). Dave Lettermans final show aired last night. He pulled out all the stops for the show, including a star-studded final Top Ten List.Inside the Confusing Origins of David Lettermans Top Ten List. SEE IT: Late Night with David Letterman: Stars recite final Top 10 list.Ten of the gap-toothed comics star-studded pals including Barbara Walters, Steve Martin, Peyton Manning, Alec BaldwinBill Murray on the Top 10 "Things Ive Always Wanted to Say to Dave" on David Lettermans last show. Last nights grand Late Show With David Letterman finale was a strange, disjointed mix of mawkishness, nonchalance, and way too many commercials, with no guests save the blockbuster Top 10 list, a handful of random old clips for padding—if you loved the Taco Bell Top 10 "Late Show with David Letterman" Drumming Moments. May 20th, 2015 by Michael Dooley.To commemorate his last night, heres my personal Top Ten David Letterman Drumming Moments.

10. Mutemath. Wednesday night marks David Lettermans last Late Show, and in the run-up to the finale, the comic legend has invited some of his all-time favorite guests and musicians to celebrate his 33-year run on late- night TV.And in the spirit of Dave, lets do it as a Top Ten list, shall we? David Lettermans Top Ten lists were a fixture of his late night show.CNN Has Another Embarrassing Ratings Week — 27 Drop From Same Week Last Year. Broward County Sheriff Has History Of Controversy. On Wednesday night, David Lettermans record-breaking 33 years in late- night television will come to end.

8. My Verizon FIOS guide describes Daves last episode with all the clarity of a next week on Mad Men segment: The final episode includes surprises, memorable highlights and the last Top Ten Like the Top Ten Lists that Letterman has offered over more than three decades, the entries are in no particular order andRecognized as a computer pioneer for a body of work that began before World War II, Hopper appeared on NBCs "Late Night with David Letterman" shortly after she retired in 1986. The media world and just about everyone else for that matter is all abuzz this morning over David Lettermans revelation last night that he was being extorted for 2 million over the fact hed had sex with women whod worked for him.Heres a look at our Top Ten Most Shocking Late Night Moments. David Lettermans top 10 sports moments over the years.Honoring David Lettermans final show with the best sports moments during his career as a late- night television host. David Letterman started off his 6,028th and final late-night broadcast last night with an admission: "Its beginning to look like Im not going to get The Tonight Show ."See Lettermans Celeb-Packed Last Top 10 List. This list is not something that was penned by David Letterman or ever presented on his Late Night show its a spoof written by someone using Lettermans familiar Top Ten shtick to make a political point.Last updated: 14 February 2015. Got a tip or a rumor? David Letterman concluded 33 years of Late Night television last night on CBS.

The famed Late Night host has logged an astounding 6,027But perhaps our favorite part of the show was the star-studded reading of " Top 10 Things Ive Always Wanted to Say to Dave, Lettermans final "Top Ten As you probably know, Thursday night marked the last time that David Letterman would host the Late Show with David Letterman (with Shaffer and the CBSBut really, more than anything, Letterman was synonymous with rewriting the rules for late night television and the iconic Top Ten List. Just about everyone knows now that David Letterman will host his very last Late Night show tonight. His final guest, Bill Murray, will appear for one final tribute to the host before Daves finale. In the final years of his late-night career, David Letterman has been more or less glued to his chair in the Ed Sullivan Theater.In the spirit of Late Night and The Late Show, here are the top ten times Dave has shared his public excursions with us. Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, and More Pals Help David Letterman Deliver Last Top 10 List.The list, which has become a nightly staple on the late-night show, was appropriately dedicated Top 10 Things Ive Always Wanted to Say to Dave. Share. Tweet. Pin. Email. Its almost over! After 33 years in late-night TV, David Letterman will take his last bow on Wednesdays "Late Show.". Jeffrey R. Staab / CBS. Late Show host David Letterman on the Late Show with David Letterman, Friday May 15, 2015 on the CBS Television Network. Everybodys talking about the end of an era for David Letterman, who has been a fixture in late night TV for more than three decades.In celebration of his final show, heres a look back at the Top Ten Moments in Letterman History (via Good Morning America). Since Letterman pioneered the meta-commentary of the late night talkshow, were going full meta and making a top 10 lists of the top 10 lists about The Late Show.3. Ten craziest David Letterman interviews. As you probably know, David Letterman said goodbye to latenigth TV last night. Letterman has delivered tons of unforgettable bits and interviews over the years, but my personal favorites are his Top Ten lists and, sure enough, Letterman included an especially epic The last David Letterman show aired tonight, which means the last David Letterman top 10 list also aired.Tags: letterman last night on late night tv. Share on Facebook. Tweet this Story. Last night saw future Late Show host Stephen Colbert dropping by David Lettermans standing regime to preview a bit of his impending takeoverColbert revealed to Letterman that he and his writing team concocted the Top Ten Cocktails For Santa list some 17 years earlier as part of a spec The David Letterman Show Late Night with David Letterman.In the last few years, Alan Kalter included himself in the introduction. In addition, Letterman took to dashingLetterman read the Top Ten List at this point before turning to guest interviews with a celebrity, politician, or other public figure. In 33 years, Letterman had presented 4,605 Top Ten Lists on shows.June 25, 1993: Lettermans last Late Night at NBC before moving to CBS, which began with a cold open from the show Cheers (1982-1993), and it featured a guest appearanceThat program is Late Night With David Letterman. Kevin Ware was a guest on "Late Show with David Letterman" last night to present the " Top Ten" list. And considering it has been just five days since suffering a horrific broken leg during the NCAA basketball tournament, Ware was an incredibly good sport when it came to joking about his injury. Last night, David Letterman enlisted 10 models featured in Sports Illustrateds annual swimsuit issue to read the Late Shows nightly Top Ten List. The Top 10 Questions on the Application to Become a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model were hit or miss but the women themselves? Well before Late Night with David Letterman, there were top ten lists.(Late Nights last episode airs May 20.) 10) from the mind of the man who coined Strategery1. And last night, via satellite, he appeared on the David Letterman show to speak with Letterman and present the Top Ten List. The topic of the list, you ask? It was the top ten thoughts going through Kevin Wares mind at the moment of the injury. David Lettermans final show was last night and it was a star studded affair. His famous friends were there to give him a warm, and funny, send off. Heres the final Letterman Top 10 List! Some of Hollywoods biggest stars had a few things to get off their chests last night. David Lettermans final episode of the Late Show aired Wednesday on CBS, and the Top 10 list was presented by 10 of the shows frequent guests, including Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, Tina Fey, Steve Since that first list, David Lettermans Top Ten segment was a fixture of his late- night reign, with what began as a cleverOn Wednesday, Letterman ran down his last Top Ten, a hilarious ranking of Things I Always Wanted to Say to Dave presented by the likes of Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, Chris David Lettermans final Late Showmeans the beloved host be presenting his last Top Ten List.The King of Late Night and former host of The Tonight Show literally delivered the Top Ten List for Dave to present with almost no notice. It wouldnt have been a proper "Late Show" sendoff for David Letterman without one last Top 10 list.The host says goodbye after 33 years in late night with a final episode filled with celebrities and laughs. Rick Perry makes a cameo on Late Night with David Letterman to read the Top 10 List, which pokes fun at his famous flub during the10. Actually there were three reasons I messed up last night.Former vice president Dan Quayle was another favorite of Lettermans starring in many a top ten list. Titled "Things Ive Always Wanted To Say To Dave."10. Alec Baldwin. Tap to play GIF. David Letterman welcomed Bill Murray as his final regularly scheduled guest on Tuesday, but its clear the late night host saved the best for last.A star-studded Top Ten List David Letterman will air his last show tonight, and with it, hell retire the Top Ten List forever.Daves first big list was a perfect example of his early humor. Javier Zarracina/Vox. Letterman had hosted Late Night since 1982, so the bit came after he had a little experience honing his voice. David Lettermans Top 10 Musical Moments. Letterman vs the World: Daves 10 Tensest Interviews.Thats pretty much the same vibe David Letterman was radiating last night on the Late Show. Ellen surprised the audience at "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night by delivering the Top Ten list! Watch her appearance and find out the top Ellen surprised the audience at "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night by delivering the Top Ten list! David Letterman and Paul Shaffer in the final episode of Late Show.Credit Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS. Updated, 10:08 a.m. | After a presidential montage proclaiming that our long national nightmare is over, David Letterman closed out a 33-year run in late-nightDavidLetterman WrestlingShoes.

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